Mayor - Tony Armour
Water Supt. - David Rhoades

Kevin Reed | Darrel Gentry 
Scott Ray | Wayne Divine
Carl Albach


On Behalf of the Board of Commissioners and Staff, We Would Like to Welcome You to Municipal Water & Sewer's Website

Central City supplies treated water not just to city residents, but also to both Muhlenberg County water districts, who in turn supply treated water to most rural areas of the county, and also to Drakesboro and Sacramento. Generations of growth within Central City & surrounding areas have stressed the city's potable water infrastructure and the demand for potable water approached Central City's Water Treatment Plant capacity.

At that time, the plant had gone about 30 years since its last renovation and was in need of major repairs to remain operational. In addition to aging issues associated with the plant, regulatory requirements are increasingly more stringent. In 2008, the Central City Water & Sewer Board took decisive action to initiate the process of expanding the city's water treatment plant.

The design and permitting process started in 2009 and the water plant expansion contract was bid in the spring of 2011. Later contracts for pipeline improvements and a new 1 million gallon water storage tank were awarded in 2012.

With the completion of this project, the citizens of Central City will continue to have the lowest water rates in Muhlenberg County, and rates considerably below the average in the Pennyrile region. At the same time they will be receiving the benefits of state of the art treatment and distribution system facilities poised to serve the community for generations to come.